Educational Objective

Waupaca Area Community Radio, Inc. (WACR) was incorporated January 26, 1993 as a non-profit publicly supported organization in the State of Wisconsin. We are committed to providing the people of central Wisconsin access to public broadcasting.

WACR seeks to connect community members to one another and the world by exploring cultural diversity through arts and public affairs programming and cultural events. Traditionally, The Waupaca area, with a doubling of population every summer, has been a vacation destination to those seeking refuge in camps and cabins for over one hundred years. Relevant and thoughtful program content will reflect, enhance and preserve this unique geographical identity thru open discussion and musical programming, providing a real alternative to traditional radio available in this area.

WACR’s objective is to increase the level of community involvement and broaden it’s understanding in contemporary local issues using creative program formats and innovative use of social networks. Formats that facilitate sharing of personal stories, personal experience, information, analysis and views, while stretching the perceptions, imagination, and intellect with a wide range of music programming.

We are looking forward to showcasing interesting and talented local radio programmers producing one hour and half hour program slots, some with expert guests to share information and ideas ranging from local political issues, literary interests, and music genres to life stories of personal journeys and experiences of the local listening public.


Commitment to a diverse mix of music.
Create a sense of discovery for new and local musicians,
as well as legacy artists from many genres of music.
Music overlooked by other broadcast stations.

Local News and Public Affairs

Delivered live and produced at the local level with
a distinct community service and public affairs perspective.