About WAUP

WAUP Coverage Area

WAUP is operated as a public service by the Board of Directors of Waupaca Area Community Radio Inc. and its members.

WAUP 99.1 FM will be a 100 watt, low power, noncommercial, educational broadcast radio station with tower and facilities located in the City of Waupaca.

The mission of Waupaca Area Community Radio Inc. is to provide the region with access to radio broadcasting in order to connect community members to one another and the world through musical diversity, cultural arts, civil discussion and information. WAUP 99.1 FM will broadcast at least 12 hours a day, including at least 8 hours of locally originated programming.

Commitment to a diverse mix of music.
Create a sense of discovery for new and local musicians,
as well as legacy artists from many genres of music.
Music overlooked by other broadcast stations.

Local News and Public Affairs
A resource driven by the community.
Facilitate community access to live radio programming.
Promote the availability throughout the community.
Provide supervision and training to those wishing to participate in programming.

Distinct community service and public affairs perspective.
Spoken word programming with a very local, personal, and live feel.
Provide a discussion forum for the needs, interests and education of the community.
Engage local non-profit organizations through mutual mission support.
Lower barriers for community participation in program development and production.
Utilize new social networks for interactive conversations with the community.

“Community radio is the voice of the community, and it’s not fair to expect the stations to have professional journalism standards” Patrick Butler – VP for programs at the International Center for Journalists