Now On Air:2:36:10 PM (Local) Santana & Samuel Rosa - Saideira (Spanish Version)

Previous Tracks:2:36:06 PM (Local) websiteliner
 2:31:37 PM (Local) uble
 2:27:55 PM (Local) Edgar Winter Group - Keep Playin' That Rock & Roll
 2:23:03 PM (Local) Larry Garner - Four Cars Running
 2:22:59 PM (Local) wx close
 2:22:32 PM (Local) Weather
 2:22:27 PM (Local) Weather Jingle-Long
 2:22:00 PM (Local) Acoustic Cafe 02262017
 2:17:17 PM (Local) Paul Simon - The Late Great Johnny Ace
 2:13:02 PM (Local) Patty Larkin - Open Arms (Don't Explain)

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